10 دی 1388
توسط: سیاوش

هایپرر ۵۰


Song : Lunatic Soul

Album :Lunatic Soul

   Artist : Lunatic Soul

Year : 2008

    Genre : Progressive Rock 


Lunatic Soul biographyThe LUNATIC SOUL is a solo studio project from RIVERSIDE's bass guitarist and vocalist Mariusz DUDA featuring RIVERSIDE's keyboard player Micha³ £APAJ on the Hammond organ with Maciej SZELENBAUM playing keyboards, piano, flutes, harmonica and qujang, Wawrzyniec DRAMOWICZ from INDUKTI on drums and QUIDAM's Maciej MELLER utilising the e-bow on an unspecified stringed instrument.

While far removed from RIVERSIDE's Progressive Metal it is not difficult to see comparisons and similarities to the parent band in the music contained on the eponymous debut album - not least of all because of DUDA's distinctive clean vocals, the occasional guttural growl and, despite the lack of electric guitars, the pounding acoustic guitar riffs that appear on some of the tracks. However, this is not the lighter, unplugged side of DUDA, it is a dark brooding mix of eclectic sounds with ethnic instruments and influences evoking eastern/oriental themes, psychedlic-era PINK FLOYD-like rhythms, swirling and ethereal keyboards reminiscent of early PORCUPINE TREE tied together by songs that are surprisingly accessible and melodic.


خیلی وقته چیزی ننوشتم و وبلاگ هام سری نزدم .. به خصوص اینجا که مدتهاست منتظر نوشتن چند متن هایپریکی و یه تحلیله از تجربیات این حدوداْ یک سال و نیم ! در هر صورت فعلاْ این یک اهنگ رو داشته باشید تا به زودی در ادامه ی این سیر جدید زندگیم که به تازگی شروع شده به وبلاگ هام برگردم و سر و سامانی به اوضاع اینجا بدم ... آهنگ زیبائیه برای من به هم ریخته ی خشمگین این روزها !!