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Song : Inheritance

Album : Night Is The New Day

   Artist :Katatonia

Year : 2009

     Genre : Doom/Gothic Metal  



"It's now been three years since The Great Cold Distance came out and, rightfully so, we had to let the distance ring out long and loud. Katatonia was not a product conceived at a manufacturing facility. We never inserted ourselves inside the grinding wheel of being a product line - hyped when brand new, tossed away when outdated. Bands come and go, rise and fall. We're a brick in that wall too, but won’t crash overnight, because we walked this road for two decades, slowly. Fortunately, we're past the level where struggling bands get caught in the claws of the fast food concept of the music industry. From day one, it was always about a long term mission, something to go hand in hand and accompany a chosen lifestyle through all its stages. The foundation and concept of Katatonia was, and still is, to channel the negative aspects of living into artistic creativity, and we're well aware that the outcome of that is simply not for everyone to embrace. Our new work is manifested in the whole album as a solid piece, not as destined selections for the very commercial media to deliver the soundtrack to accompany John Doe's shallow daily routines. Airplay doesn't last, but albums are forever.
Katatonia can not be creatively driven by anyone or anything but our own hands, but also we, in turn, need the guidance from our inner demons to understand the direction that lies ahead. The only fuel compatible to our engine is the magic of definite and divine inspiration, without it things go stumbling in the dark, unable to progress nor regress. Katatonia started because we had a calling and will end when our inner demons no longer speak to us. This time it took a while longer to discover what was behind the door at the end of the long corridor we walked down with the last album. In this time it took for us to get here, we discovered that we could extract the distraction that kept blocking us and use it as the source of inspiration itself; all the fear and worries of the dark times ahead, the apathy of the current state of mind, the lack of hope, the struggle to find a meaning and, maybe most of all, realising the decline of the western civilization is constantly growing and well underway. That will be the time when the night is the new day."

Anders, 2009 


یه مدتیه چند کار 2009 از گروه های مختلف گرفتم یکی از یکی فوق العاده تر ... اکثر آهنگاشون هم عالیه .. واقعاً تو این مدت لذت بردم ! پیشنهاد می کنم این البوم کاتاتونیا رو بشنوید یه کار خیلی زیبا و قوی دیگه هم داره که دفعه ی بعد معرفیش می کنم ... در عجبم بعضی ها چطور بدون موسیقی زندگی می کنند و بعضی ها چطور هر مزخرفی رو به گوش و روح و روان شون می ریزند !!